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Values and Justice: Panel discussions at the Lebanese University

7 May 2024

The “Leadership for Sustainable Development” NGO organized panel discussion sessions in the Faculty of Law, Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University – II in Jal El Dib.
In collaboration with the faculty and with the support of the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), organized four meetings attended by current and former university deans, current and former university directors, faculty members, and students.
In the first panel discussion moderator by Joe Hammoura, the director of “Sa’er Al-Mashreq” publishing house Antoine Saad, and the president of the Research House Initiative for Consultations and Studies and Melkar El Khoury presented their opinions on Absence of Values and strategic vision in Lebanon focusing on the root causes of the current situation in the country.
The second panel discussion included Michel Daccache, the Executive Director of “Leadership for Sustainable Development” NGO, Youssif Yamine from Berytech Foundation, Pierre Baaklini, founder of Lebanese Waste Management Company, and Rami Sbeih, founder of PlasticLab. They gave brief explanations of their work, initiatives and success stories, inviting students to collaborate with them in the future.
The third panel discussion featured the former Minister of Social Affairs, Rashid Derbas, the Beirut Bar Association President Fadi Al-Masri, and Dr. Issam Mubarak, addressing aspects of the dysfunction related to the Lebanese judicial and legal system and how to modernize it.
The event concluded with an interactive capacity building workshop delivered by the Executive Director of Transformation Lab, Rami Daccache, on how to set and achieve goals for students.
It’s worth mentioning that the event took place in the library of the Faculty of Law, Political and Administrative Sciences, where the dean of the faculty, Dr. Mona Al-Basha, and members of the faculty presented commemorative trophies to the speakers.