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Talk On Democracy in Euro Med (TODEM)

31 Oct 2018

“Talk on Democracy in Euro Med” TODEM is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange that will take place in Scylla (Reggio Calabria), Italy in November 2018.

Democracy building and participation of young people in Euro Med: a difficult but extremely important topic that has to lead to reflection and action for a better future. We, young people, are claiming democracy in our countries, seeking for applicable solutions and motivated to express our right to cooperate and talk about our thoughts, inclinations and issues… but we encounter exclusion from democratic processes, and our voices are not heard. On the other side, indeed, the “tomorrow” belongs to us and to the fact of being the future leaders of peaceful countries, collaborating, inclusive, social, political – but still, we do not get involved into democratic processes in our countries.

Leadership for Sustainable Development NGO, representing Lebanon by its President Mr. Michel Daccache and its Lebanese team in this project where they will join young activists and experts from Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Jordan, Greece, Poland and Palestine, to strengthen understanding and action for democracy and human rights in order to develop their skills, knowledge and experience on the decision making level by realizing the fundamental democratic right of participation in Euro Med.

Finally, as Martin Luther King Jr. said once: “Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred”, Democracy is worth it.