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LSD Voter’s Guide

Since the Taif Agreement, the Lebanese electoral law is based on the majority system. This law that suffers from several gaps and flaws, set the development of democracy and political life in an unstable condition and does not provide opportunities for proper participation and representation.

In addition, since 2009 Lebanon has not witnessed any parliamentary elections but a mandate renewal of the Parliament which posed controversy.

After great efforts that lasted for years, In June 2017 the Lebanese people’ representatives finally reached and adopted a new electoral law.

Since the “responsibilization” and accountability principles in the political sector requires the understanding of the reality of democratic participation in political life, the NGO, Leadership for Sustainable Development (LSD) seeks to simplify and explain the relative electoral law to the Lebanese citizens since we believe in the importance of participating in political life and encouraging individuals to participate in elections, Put the voter’s guide in your hands to explain the law of parliamentary elections.

This guide seeks to explain the electoral law to the Lebanese citizens in order to facilitate the complete voting and tallying process of the new law.

For further information regarding the Voter’s Guide, don’t hesitate to contact our administration.

This Voter’s Guide has been worked on, in a scientific and simple manner and its full ownership is attributed to the Leadership for Sustainable Development organization.