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Citizenship Incubator for Diversity and Freedom of Religion and Belief

“Adyan” TOT training on “Citizenship Incubator for Diversity and Freedom of Religion and Belief”.

 Mr. Michel Daccache, Chairman of “Leadership for Sustainable Development (LSD)”, participated in a training workshop organized by the Institute for Citizenship and Diversity Management at the Adyan Foundation on 19 and 23 August on “Inclusive Citizenship for Diversity and Freedom of Religion and Belief” in Broumana. The workshop targeted 20 professional trainers with at least 5 years of experience in training and facilitation in order to enable them to embrace citizenship, diversity, freedom of religion and belief, with the support of the Church of Sweden.

The backgrounds of the participants in the training varied. Some of them worked in the academic field as university professors, some as trainers in ministries, in addition to active trainees in local associations concerned with citizenship and public affairs, and those with experience in human rights advocacy.

The Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management grants the trainees a certificate of training in citizenship that guarantees diversity and freedom of religion and belief, which makes them certified trainers, provided they successfully organize two training sessions on the subject of the workshop in Lebanon.

The four-and-a-half-day training included theoretical information and practical applications, in sessions led by specialized trainers, on “Problems of Inclusive Citizenship and Diversity”, “Identity and Affiliation”, “Religious Freedom in Constitutions” and “Religious Attitudes of Religious Freedom” and the public domain and models of citizenship, in addition to other topics related to the theme.

The Institute for Citizenship and Diversity Management, in partnership with the University of the “Brothers Ifrane” in Morocco, will organize a training workshop for Arab and African trainers on Citizenship for Cultural and Religious Diversity from 11 to 15 September 2017 in Morocco. Two training workshops will be held for trainers from Iraq and Jordan Between October and November 2017.