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Administrative Decentralization in Lebanon: Proposals and Solutions

30 Aug 2019

Leadership for sustainable development as part of “Al idara b ma7alla” consortium and with the support of Democracy Reporting International (DRI) organized a three days’ workshop:
“Administrative Decentralization in Lebanon: Proposals and Solutions”, which lasted from the 30th of August till the 2nd of September 2019 at ALEF Hotel in Byblos.
The event has been lunched by the President of LSD, Michel Daccache who provided the general overview of the coming days and a motivational speech regarding the youth responsibility on their political participation and citizenship.

During the workshop multiple topics related to the administrative decentralization were exposed, debated and applied through interactive activities. The 1st and 2nd days were highlighted by Mr. Tony Atieh’s intervention on the subject of Administrative decentralization in political philosophy and legal studies. In addition, to Access to Information Law information session presented by Lebanese Transparency Association- No corruption executive director Mr. Julien Courson. The second day was concluded with a simulation and application exercise led by Mrs. Pamela Chemaly Raffoul.

The workshop also hosted on its third and final day MPs Simon Abi Ramia and Ziad El Hawat, for a discussion panel in regards to their own experience and positions from the topic of administrative decentralization in Lebanon and the challenges it’s facing. The discussion was followed by a Q&A session which allowed the participants to also voice their concerns and opinions in addition to ask for any clarification.
The workshop ended with a final evaluation session and the distribution of participation