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Broader youth participation in the 2022 elections.

23 Oct 2021

The Lebanese association for democratic elections LADE held a workshop in Zouk Mikael – kesrouan on 23/10/2021 on the topic ‘’Broader Youth Participation in the 2022 elections’’.

The ‘’Leadership for Sustainable Development’’ LSD participated in the workshop through its representatives, Mireille Maatouk and Hanadi el Waw.

The workshop lasted for a day included a representative from LADE Coach Rabih Raidy and number of participants.

The workshop covered the most prominent electoral reforms and their importance, as well as how young people participate in decision -making and the challenges that stand in the way of reforms at political, economic and social levels.

The lecture was followed by exercises aimed at enabling the participants to provoke discussions in their areas about electoral reforms. The most prominent topics that have been highlighted are:

  •        Youth participation in decision making.
  •        Electoral reforms and accountability mechanisms.

The workshop ended with a dialogue session on the situation of the citizen in a powerful state and in a weak state.

It was agreed to organize visits to mayors and local meetings to discuss reforms with current or former MPs in order to proceed with the implementation of the reforms.