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Administrative Decentralization Strengthening Transparency

25 Sep 2021

The “Leadership for Sustainable Development” (LSD), within the framework of its various activities in Lebanon, and with the support of Democracy Reporting International (DRI), held a workshop on “The Role of Administrative decentralization” in the hall of St. Jack and the way to improve municipal work and local development”, in which more than 50 figures from the town participated, presented by Mayor Jack Al Khoueiry, and representatives of the Youth Club and the Women’s committee in the town.

After a welcoming speech from the mayor of Dlebta, who emphasized the importance of the authenticity of the rooted citizens to their villages, the head of the “Leadership for Sustainable Development”, Michel Daccache, and the representative of the International Democracy Reporting Organization, Gaelle Youssef, welcomed the attendees.

The workshop included a lecture by Joe Hammoura on the “Administrative Decentralization bill and the importance of approving the law after presenting its most important provisions,” and a dialogue with the participants on “its pros and cons, and the opportunities it presents for the development of regions and the promotion of popular democracy and transparency,” followed by a lecture by Miray Maatouk on “The Law of the Right to Access to Information” and the way to benefit from it in order to promote accountability and democracy at many administrative municipal and national levels.

The workshop ended with a dialogue with the representative of the women’s committee in the municipality, Ms. Jocelyne Hakim, during which the most prominent success stories of the municipality and the women’s committee were presented, and the importance of youth involvement in public affairs, in addition to holding a general discussion between associations and attendees on “the challenges that Dlebta is facing and the projects that can be implemented in the future. The LSD team committed itself to following up on challenges and providing any possible assistance to face those challenges in the future.

It is reported that the “Leadership for Sustainable Development” organization and the “Democracy Reporting International – DRI” are part of “Al Idara Bi Mahala” coalition, which is concerned with administrative and local development affairs, and promoting the role of youth and municipalities in terms of democracy, transparency and accountability.