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Syriac Challenges in Lebanon and Syria: Freedom of belief and expression

9 Jul 2022

The “Leadership for Sustainable Development” (LSD) held a workshop on the “Syriac Challenges in Lebanon and Syria: Freedom of belief and expression”, with the support of “The Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights” the workshop aimed at promoting and supporting the right of freedom of religion and belief of the Syriac in Lebanon and from Syria, by documenting and reporting the violation of human rights that it has occurred. In addition to promoting its cultural heritage and emphasizing the historical and geographical dimensions of this religion.

The workshop took place on the 9th of July 2022, in Deir el Cherfeh for Syriac in Daroun-Harissa, and it targeted Syriac participants from Lebanon and Syria.

The workshop included an awareness session on Human Rights Declaration conducted by Mr. Melkar El Khoury, followed by a group discussion that aimed to capture the main challenges that Syriac are facing in Lebanon and how did these challenges affect their daily lives, and it aimed to report any violation of Human Rights that occurred.

This workshop ended in two sessions of capacity building on the relational needs level, conducted by Mr. Zak Dakkash, the first session started with an introduction about Emotional Intelligence and the top 10 relational needs, then a test was done to specify the relational needs for each participant, followed by a deep interactive explanation for each relational need, and a Q/A session regarding this topic.