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The concept of tolerance in the roots of religious and human rights.Share News on FacebookShare News on LinkedInShare News on GoogleTwitterShare News by EmailPrint News

The concept of tolerance in the roots of religious and human rights.

06 - 12 - 2016

Representing LSD Ngo, Mr. Toni Atieh participated in the roundtable that was organized by the Central Research House in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This event aimed to discuss the concept of tolerance in the roots of religious and human rights background, its suitability and its lack, as a tool to confront extremism and violence with the participation of academics, clergy and journalists, on the 29th of November 2016 at The Smalville Hotel Hotel - Badaro.

Beginning, Mr. Peter Rimli the Director of the Konrad Adenau Foundation office in Lebanon directed his speech to the attendees by the need to search for relevant tools that contribute to the mitigation and address the effects of extremism. After that display, Sheikh Ayad Atallah (National Spiritual Meeting), Father Joseph Sweden and Sheikh Sami Abu Al Muna (Secretary General of ‘Erfan Schools) addressed the positions of Islam, Christianity, and the Doctrine of Unification (Al Tawhid) of the theme of tolerance.

Speakers praised the importance of this concept as a tool to contribute to overcoming conflicts and allows a positive reaction in pluralistic societies.

As Mr. Wael Kher (Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights and Humanitarian Right) considered that the tolerance insults human dignity to the person being seen through the secondary criteria like religion, color, race, and not through the standard unit of human dignity. Kher saw as well that tolerance is a subjective norm incompatible with human rights because it controls the fundamental rights of equality that assumes the existence of objective criteria.

Then, an open discussion takes the lead and the audience was divided between absolute supporters for the approach of human rights, and another views that try to combine religious and human rights approaches.

Finally, the Director of Central Research House Mr. Melkar EL Khoury announces the preparation of a detailed paper work that includes a summary of the discussions and conclusions, which will be placed at the disposal specialists, exerts and decision makers.