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An integrated relation between leadership and sustainable development supports the different social, humanitarian and cultural aspects for individuals and the society as a whole. Thus, we at LSD work on developing leadership skills at the personal level in order to achieve a sustainable development between its three dimensions: environmental, social and economical. And taking into account the present needs without compromising the needs of the future generation.

This development is based on advancement and building leadership abilities within individuals, in order to elevate their influence in their societies on the political and social level. Therefore these are our objectives:

  1. Conducting leadership building trainings and workshops.
  2. Social rehabilitation, encouraging youth and empowering women.
  3. Facilitating conflict resolution within communities and organizations.
  4. Encouraging intellectual and cultural exchange and spreading awareness in society.
  5. Increase awareness between Lebanese to claim their rights.
  6. Exchange expertise with relevant non-Lebanese organizations on sustainable development issues.
  7. Training of trainers.
  8. Assisting the health and service fields.
  9. Execute research studies on leadership and sustainable development and publishing them.
  10. Providing consultancy in political, social and economic topics.
  11. Organize and support projects related to improving the environment and preserving nature.

We have established the LSD organization in order to positively affect the challenges that the society is facing, which are hindering its progress. We want to positively contribute to the country’s development in different domains, by focusing on activities which contributes to sustainable development and establishing leadership capabilities within society, following the saying “Why follow when you can lead?”

Our vision to the individuals that LSD is aiming to build their capacities, are individuals who contribute to spreading peace within their societies and generations to come, in order to reach a harmonious and free collaboration amongst different parts of society and contribute to a flourishing economy, environment and culture.

Leadership for Sustainable Development – LSD believes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all related charters, in addition to cultural and religious dialogue and intellectual exchange between world civilizations.

LSD also trusts that cooperation amongst all Lebanese communities and associations is the cornerstone to successfully develop the society on the principles of peace and harmony. We place high confidence in individuals and their values; to this end we support them by building their leadership capabilities and reinforcing their awareness of their rights.